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The Ideal MRI for Claustrophobic Patients and/or Large Patients

Partners Imaging Centers offers an MRI that is designed for large and/or claustrophobic patients to make it more comfortable for them to make it through a scan.

A delay or an absence of diagnostics can lead to medical complications and increased medical costs.  This can be avoided by telling your physician that you want your MRI scan performed at Partner Imaging Centers and by requesting our wide bore 3T MRI.

The problem with competing stand-up or upright MRI scanners is that the strength of the magnet is typically close to 0.5T or less (low or mid-field) so they are not able to provide high resolution images of all body parts.  This is not the case with the Partners 3.0T wide bore MRI.

A 70cm bore provides ample width and height for large patients.  It is also a short bore which means that only part of the body is ever in the bore.

The wide bore provides a non-claustrophobic experience for all ages and sizes of patients.  You will be able to wear a headset and there is a two way communication system so that you can speak with the technician at any time.

Patients that are over 300 pounds will often not fit in standard MRI scanners even if they are not claustrophobic.  This wide bore MRI solves this issue.

When you need an MRI, bring your doctors script to Partners Imaging and request our wide bore 3T MRI.  We will accept your script even if it is written out to a hospital or other imaging facility.

You have the right to choose where you want to be scanned.

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