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Dedicated Aurora Breast MRI



Aurora Breast MRI

At Partners Breast Diagnostic Center, we are committed to offering our women clients only the very best and latest equipment in the early detection of breast cancer. That is why Partners owns and operates the Aurora Breast MRI System, the ONLY FDA cleared, truly dedicated and truly integrated MRI system designed specifically for 3-D bilateral breast imaging. Did you know that breast MRI is currently the most sensitive imaging test available for the detection of breast cancer?

In most places, breast MRI is performed on a general MRI machine, the same machine that performs brain MRI, knee MRI, body MRI, shoulder MRI, spine MRI, and all other MRI scans. The dedicated Aurora Breast MRI system is only meant to do one thing….MRI of the breasts.  The presence of an Aurora Breast MRI system is a sure sign that a center is committed to the very best in your breast care.  A dedicated breast MRI system has many advantages over breast MRI performed on a general MRI machine such as:

•    Software, scanning protocols, and technology expertly designed for imaging of the breast tissue thereby leading to superior image quality and detail thereby allowing for the most accurate diagnosis and fastest scan time

•    Ergonomically designed especially for the scanning of women leading to maximum comfort in a feet-first scanner (as opposed to head-first scanner in which the client is completely enclosed within the MRI machine which leads to claustrophobia)

•    Integrated biopsy capability thereby allowing the most precise method to biopsy an abnormality seen on the breast MRI exam

•    Standardized scans allowing for the same quality scan each and every time and from center to center should you move out of the area and transfer your care to another Aurora center. When Breast MRI is performed on a general MRI machine, there are many more variables making consistency difficult to achieve, especially from center to center. ACR BCE

A Screening MRI is often indicated in women who are at increased risk for breast cancer, even if their mammogram is normal. That is because sometimes mammograms may not identify an abnormality, especially if the breast tissue is dense. Many states (such as Connecticut and Texas) are now requiring facilities to inform clients of how dense their breast tissue is and offering them access to advanced imaging techniques such as breast MRI….because many times, a mammogram is not enough.  Do you know if a breast MRI might be right for you?
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A Diagnostic MRI is performed to further characterize an abnormality seen on some other exam (such as the mammogram) or to further evaluate other problems or symptoms being experienced by the client.  A screening MRI is performed on a client having no symptoms or problems.

At Partners Breast Diagnostic Center, your breast MRI is interpreted by a highly experienced, dedicated breast radiologist. At Partners, our breast imaging specialist is focused on detecting breast cancer earlier…when the opportunity for a cure is highest. This radiologist’s trained eyes mean the difference between early, accurate detection and a breast cancer that goes un-diagnosed.

When you need a breast MRI, why not demand only the very best technology and the expertise of a highly experienced, breast radiologist.

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