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Comfort During Your Visit to Partners Imaging Centers

Our goal is to make your visit to Partners Imaging Centers as comfortable for you as possible.  Most scans can vary from 15 minutes to an hour and your modality technologist will be able to confirm this to you when he meets up with you.

welcome[1]When you are put on the scanner table, some soft pillows will be offered to you to make sure you feel nice and relaxed.  A headset will also be available to you on MRI scanners so that you can listen to relaxing music during your scan.

With these scanners, you will also have access to an intercom system that is controlled by squeezing a plastic ball connected to a cord and this will allow you talk to the technologist if you should become uncomfortable for any reason.

There are clean bathroom facilities at all of our locations and complimentary coffee and water.

When you are ready to leave our center, we would appreciate if you could let us know how well we did for you by completing a simple questionnaire card.  A drop box is provided for you to put the card in.

If you have any other questions regarding your visit, please contact our reception staff or the center manager.

Comfort During Your
Visit to Partners Imaging
Our certified technologists will
ensure your visit to any of
our centers is as quick and
comfortable as possible
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