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Digital mammography.  For women, breast cancer is a dreaded and devastating disease. Over a lifetime, one in eight American women are affected by breast cancer. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in women. Although currently there is no way to prevent breast cancer, early detection is a woman’s best hope for effective treatment and better survival rates.


Digital mammography was developed for many important reasons. The system transfers images to a computer so they can be electronically enhanced. Your doctor can zoom in, magnify and optimize different parts of the breast tissue using just four standard pictures. And special software allows your doctor to view the entire breast on one image.

This technology allows for faster scan times, fewer retakes, therefore a reduced dose of radiation, and better image quality.   With film, you look at a one image, from one perspective. With digital, Radiologists can manipulate the image contrast, brightness, and magnification levels to see abnormalities more clearly.  In addition, with digital, Radiologists can easily transmit an image to another facility, saving time and allowing faster information flow to benefit the patient.

Breast MRI
For the 8.5 million women in the United States who are classified as High Risk for breast cancer…Breast MRI is fast becoming the standard of care, offering new hope for early detection and faster treatment.

With a Computer Aided Detection system, our Radiologists can provide treating physicians with the best data possible to manage patient care and treatment.  Breast MRI is used in conjunction with mammography and ultrasound but it does not replace the need for routine screening mammography.

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