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PET (Positron Emission Tomography) is a powerful diagnostic tool that often provides answers that no other imaging test can provide.  PET is a non-invasive procedure.  It helps physicians in the areas of Oncology, Cardiology and Neurology.

Biochemical changes can be detected by a PET scan after a compound that contains radioactive molecules, bound to a sugar-like substance is injected into the body.  These molecules provide the tracers that allow the measurements of metabolic activity within the body.  A computer records this information and converts it into pictures for diagnostic purposes.

petscanimage[1]After a small amount of radioactive bound sugar is injected into the body, areas on the scan that show a high degree of metabolic activity have a greater chance of being cancerous.

A CT scan provides detailed anatomy within the human body.  Together, a PET/CT scan allows doctors to view metabolic activity and pinpoint where abnormal lesions are located so that they can target disease.

PET scans are used to detect cancer and to examine the effects of cancer therapy. These scans are performed on the whole body. PET scans of the heart can be used to determine blood flow to the heart muscle and help evaluate signs of coronary artery disease.

It can help determine if procedures such as angioplasty or coronary artery bypass surgery would be appropriate treatments for blood flow problems. PET scans of the brain are used to evaluate patients who have memory disorders of an undetermined cause; who have suspected or proved brain tumors; or who have seizure disorders that are not responsive to therapy, therefore, are candidates for surgery.

Partners Imaging Center has installed a Siemens PET/CT scanner at its Sarasota location which combines a fast and sophisticated PET system with an advanced computed tomography (CT) scanner.  Combining PET and CT into one exam gives doctors two crucial pieces of information, function and anatomy, to help prescribe the best course of treatment for their patients.

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