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Your report will be interpreted and read by a Partners Imaging board certified radiologist.  Please note that we do not provide reports directly to our patients.  They will be sent to your referring physician within 24 to 48 hours (within a few hours if urgent).

While there are differences in image quality depending on the equipment, there is greater variability and potentially more serious consequences regarding the reporting of the scan results.

At many hospitals and imaging centers, a pool of radiologists, including general and less experienced radiologists, are assigned to interpret scans.  In some cases, non radiologists may actually be the only ones providing results. Depending on who happens to be reading a particular scan, this often results in a vague and non-specific report which may not be fundamentally incorrect, but nevertheless, is not helpful to the referring physician. The patient in turn has lost an opportunity to receive proper treatment.

The radiologists at Partners Imaging are board certified, sub-specialty trained, highly experienced, and take our responsibility seriously. Each radiologist has interpreted tens of thousands of scans in his area of specialty. Because we read cases exclusively in our area of expertise, our reports are consistently accurate and highly detailed with pertinent positives and negatives. At the same time, they are relevant and practical to the patient’s problems.

At Partners Imaging, we understand the importance of prompt results. In most cases, a final transcribed report is sent to the referring physician or is available on our secure network within a few hours of completing the scan. All wet readings or pertinent results are called stat to the referring physician with a full written report following shortly thereafter.

As a courtesy to our referring physicians, we often provide a 2nd opinion report on outside scans.


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