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Partners Imaging is committed to the very latest technology for patients, referring offices and for internal processes.

For Patients

Book your scan online
As an alternative to calling in, this website has a link on the ‘Patient Info’ navigation drop down so that you can book in your scan online using a simple form.  Also coming in 2016 is a secure patient portal where you will be able to obtain a copy of your reports from scans performed at Partners Imaging Centers. Click here to access the form.

Reliable, well maintained scanners
Partners Imaging scanners (modalities) meets the American College of Radiology (ACR) accreditation (www.acr.org) standards.  The ACR  imposes tougher accreditation standards each year and Partners Imaging Centers will meet all deadlines to ensure certification is made on time.  This commitment to certification provides evidence that our equipment is serviced and maintained regularly and to the highest standards.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality resolution scans so that our radiologists can provide the most accurate read for you.

Referring Offices

Access to reports & key images
Reports are traditionally faxed to referring offices and is our default method of delivering reports, however, Partners Imaging Centers also have a web portal for referring physicians that not only provides patient reports, but also a set of images including any key images produced.  Each physician / key member can have their own login credentials and a group can be setup so all physicians have access to their group’s patients.

The web portal address is www.picreports.com  (please call for an alternative address if you use a Mac).

Access to high resolution images
For those offices that would like to see the patients scans in the highest quality resolution, we can provide access to our full image viewer at no charge.  This will allow your physician to explore the images in great detail with the full tool-set available for use.  Simply contact your local Partners Imaging center and our marketing representative will install as many copies as needed to your PC equipment.  Included with the software, is the ability to access the patient reports at the same time.

Receiving reports directly into your EMR 
Partners Imaging Centers can provide several options to send radiology reports electronically into a referring office’s EMR (electronic medical record) software. The result of this technology advance for referring offices will mean that there will be no need to scan faxed reports received and manually upload them to the EMR.  The Partners Imaging reports will arrive within seconds of the report being signed and will be sent to the EMR server for final approval and uploading. These options meet the CMS Meaningful use Stage 2 requirement.

Practice Fusion
For those offices that are using the free cloud web based EMR software from Practice Fusion, an HL7 interface is already established to Partners radiology reports can be sent directly into the patients file within seconds of the report being signed by the Partners radiologist.  For more details on Practice Fusion, visit their website at  www.practicefusion.com

Online ordering of scans for patients.
On this website, you can book a scan for a patient using the simple online form. One of our representatives will then call back to confirm the date and time and obtain any other information needed to confirm the appointment.  A notes section is included which allows the message to be sent to a specific contact person within Partners Imaging.  Click here to access the form.

‘Break Glass’ access to patients
For those physicians offices that are specialists that need to see patient images and reports that were referred for imaging at other physician offices, Partners can provide a ‘break-glass’ option to allow access to specific patients without the need to get manual rights.

Technology at Partners Imaging Centers
Partners Imaging fully meshed fiber optic data network with a high capacity pipe to a major data center in Tampa where copies of every image created by our scanners are stored and archived.  Partners has 9 PACS servers using Dell servers running Redhat Linux with multiple redundancy technologies.

For further information, please call (941) 951-2100 and ask for Nigel de Wit (CIO/COO).

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